In 2022 we were all negatively affected by a series of unexpected events. Record inflation led the U.S. Treasury to increase interest rates at an unprecedented pace. In 2022, mortgage interest rates more than doubled over the course of that year.  This aggressive increase caused investors to reduce their participation in the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market. This is the national capital market where we raise resources that are used to fund and support the HOME Plus Down Payment Assistance Program. The reduced participation has negatively impacted our ability to consistently provide availability for our Arizona IDA Home Plus DPA complete portfolio of products.

Conditions can change on a day-to-day basis and therefore, the lender / loan officer you work with can provide greater insight, including which Arizona IDA HOME Plus DPA offerings are available during these challenging times. To find a lender near you and discuss options, please click on the Find-A-Lender link.

We appreciate your understanding during these times and hope that we can offer a DPA solution that works best for you.


Dirk Swift
Program Administrator

*Updates and terms may change without notice. Please consult with your lender for the most updated product information.

BORROWER(S) MAXIMUM INCOME LIMIT HAS BEEN RAISED TO $122,100.00 (effective July 1, 2022)

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Share Your Home Plus Experience

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